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8/4 — harry spreading the love


This made me cringe to write but it’s kinda sweet idk it’s that thing I said I was doing with the 100 days of living your fantasy life and I have to write a prologue to it and this is that prologue. Please tell me if you want day 1 bc I wrote it and holy shit it’s long.


100 days of (being an underaged fan living a fantasy that is completely unrealistic) “dating” Harry Styles (as a minor who live in the USA).


Today is the day. Today is my day. Today is that day I’ve been waiting three fucking years for.

Today is my concert.

Wow it’s early to be up. And this hotel bed is not comfortable. As I turn to look at my asleep mother I become aware of how surreal this is. My best friend is in my bed beside me, dozing or just lying really still, and I’m here right now in Los Angeles California awaiting the next twelve hours to go back stage and meet the men of my life.

"Kenz…" My voice is hoarse, sleep not being a friend to my anxiousness last night. Just as I turn to look at her, my best friend is staring at me wide-eyed with a giant smile spread across her cheeks.

"Cass, today is the day. We’re meeting them today. Can you believe this?" Kenzie says smiling at me like an idiot.

"This isn’t real." I sigh, letting my own goofy grin plaster my lips before rolling onto my back and staring at the oddly designed ceiling.


"What do you think Niall will wear?" Kenz chatters nonsense into my ear as I scroll through numerous update accounts, trying to find the boys’ hotel.

"I don’t know.." I say absently. My elbows begin to ache from resting on the cold granite of this table in our hotel lobby as we wait for my mom to come down stairs and book our car.

"Maybe Harry with let you touch his hair." She mutters. With that comment I let a giggle fall from my pink shaded lips.

"I damn hope so." I say. A laugh erupts from her before she slumps down on the couch, taking up the whole thing.

"We’re meeting them today." She says staring up in wonder. I giggle and lock my phone, giving up my hunt.

"God, this is insane." I say, fluffing my hair so the California humidity won’t weigh it down too much.

I take a glance around our lobby and the place is full of girls. Really pretty, really young, really intimidating, really capable. My insecurities flow through me like rivers in my mind, making me become aware of everything that could possibly be wrong with my appearance. I will admit, I think both Kenz and I look amazing. Our high-waisted short with the lose tank top spilling over the rim looks great and we look like we could be sisters. However, there are so many prettier girls in this state than us and I wish I could feel confident around them but that is a skill I do not posses.

"Cassandra, Mackenzie?" I hear my mothers voice and soon she’s standing in the lobby staring at our worried and anxious appearances.

"You ladies ready?" She asks cheerfully. Of course my mother had to dress like she’s fifteen as well, a shorter dress than I should have allowed her to wear with a pair of cute heels. I just sigh, letting her enjoy this experience as much as Kenz and I.

"How could we ever be?" Kenz asks as she sits up from the couch. My mother gives her a small laugh before waving us up.

"Come on girls, our driver is waiting." She says in a fancy voice. I’m glad we’ve been collectively saving for this trip since Christmas or I don’t know how we could still be financially stable with all the spending we are doing.

I follow my mother and Kenz follows me out the front of the hotel, a nicely dressed man guiding us to a giant black range rover. Kenz squeezes my hand which somehow she got a hold of when we reach the car.

"Such a beautiful piece of metal." I almost coo. I have a soft spot for range rovers, my infatuation starting as soon as I saw Harry sitting in the drivers seat of one.

"It is a nice ass car." Kenz says as we crawl into the vehicle. My mother takes the shotgun seat besides the driver, probably hoping to get a reduced price of the drive with her "charm". I listen to their small talk as he starts the car. Kenz gives me an odd look when my mom giggles for show, a skill she’s tried to teach me but every time I’ve failed miserably.

The ride to the stadium is full of people watching and talk of expectations. It’s my first concert with these boys and my first meet with them so all eyes are on my reaction tonight. Honestly I’m a bit scared about how I’m going to deal with this. These five boys, idiots really, that I’ve fallen in love with are soon going to be with in touching distance of me, just that thought makes me sweat.

We’ve been told to get to the stadium at least two hours before and get our meet and greets cleared so they can have us in and out periodically before the show. My nerves are apparent as soon as we step out of the vehicle. My hand is shaking violently in Kenz’s and my knees keep giving out with every step I take. The amount of people that are here is insane. 80,000 people hear to watch my boys. I mean they aren’t exactly mine but I’m a little possessive.

"Excuse me!" My mother calls a security guard by a shrilly voice and theatrical hand gestures over to us. Her bright green best is almost blinding and in this heat I can’t imagine how she can wear those black slacks.

"Hi mam." She says addressing my mom.

"Hey, so where do we go to get our meet and greet tickets checked?" She asks, showing the women our papers. As they converse, Kenz and I do a 360 pivot for visual coverage of the grounds outside of the concert. Merch tents, food trucks, a mini concert stage, beer huts. This place is no joke. I stare at the rim of the stadium, the famous Rose Bowl logo painted onto the get cement.

"Cassandra, over here." I turn to see my mother waving me forward. Kenz and I follow her as he follows the security guard to a golf cart with ‘SECURITY’ stuck to every corner of the tiny vehicle.

"So she’s going to take us to our seating gate and then they are going to check our meet and greets and send us in." My mother says as we walk towards the cart.

"Great." I say squeezing onto Kenz’s hand a little more firmly. This is beyond. I can’t even comprehend what’s going on right now. I can feel my adrenaline already pulsing through my veins as we are carried away in this tiny cart. We receive a few dirty glance and pointing fingers as we are pulled to the front of the line above everyone trying to get into the stadium for regular seating.

"Hey! Hey!" The security guard, who’s name I’ve learned is Raffy, flags down a man in a yellow shirt. He must be inside security.

"These ladies have meet tickets and the need to be checked so they can be sent back." She tells I to the guards ear. He nods and waves us forward. My mother turns and gives us an enthusiastic smile as she speed walks to match the guards pace. Kenz and I’s hands are tightly screwed together in a hand hold, death grip style. I know if I didn’t have so much adrenaline in me, the pressure at which I’m holding her hand with would hurt my hand but I can barely feel it.

"Here we are." The man says when we arrive at a kiosk looking hut with a sign that reads ‘M&G’. There’s a line of about twenty people starting from the side of the shack that says ‘Checked’ and another line of about thirty people starting from the side of the shack that says ‘Need To Be Checked’.

"Holy line for meet and greets." My mother comments. I sigh and nod, looking around and praying that nothing goes wrong.


"We are so close to them." Kenz whispers as we are being lead down a tunnel. It’s gotten dark already and we’re the last meet and greet there was. We’re missing 5SOS’s performance right now and I’m freaking out to know they were walking through this exact tunnel not too long ago to get to the stage. I feel like we’ve done something wrong with the way we’re being escorted to back stage. There’s one burly man behind us and one burly man leading us to the back of the stage. I can hear the crowd and the music as we come up behind the entire production. There’s a giant grey tent attached to the back of the performance stage, where I imagine the boys are sitting right now saying goodbye to the group in front of us.

"Ok so we are going to take you behind this tent and then there will be other security to help after that." The guard who was leading us says as we approach the zip door to the giant tent. My mother thanks him and I try to form words but I just can’t. My entire world is behind that zipper and I am in no way ready to see them.

"Are you girls ready?" My mother asks as we are guided into the tent. I can feel my mouth open as I walk into the surroundings. I see people I recognize everywhere. My hands start shaking again as I catch a glimpse of Lou chatting with Gemma, the two beauties sitting at the makeup table sipping water.

"Mom.. That’s Gemma. And that’s Lou." I say pointing in there direction. My mother smiles down at me and my reaction. Gemma Styles. Just as I try to begin to calm my shaking hands I hear an all too familiar voice.

"Bring on the next victims!" Harry’s voice echoes through the tent humorously. There’s no way it could have really been that big of a voice but in my ear it’s all I could hear. I catch a glimpse of Gemma laughing at her younger brother and my heart swells. My mother takes care of any needed paper work as I stand there leaning on Kenz for support and waiting to be taken back behind this curtain. I can see camera flashes and boot heels underneath, familiar accents and voice pierce my fragile ears and stab at my vulnerable heart. I can’t contain myself when I squeeze my eyes close and let the tears seep from my eyelids.

"Oh no don’t cry, it’ll be so awkward if you cry." Kenz hushes me in her own special way as she pats my back. I’m thankful for the security that let’s me collect my breakdown and shove it into my pocket before I’m waved into an open curtain.

My breath is swept from my lunges when I absorb my surroundings. Sandy and Josh are sitting on a couch in the corner playing on their phones, Dan and Jamie Scott are chatting beside them. As I sweep my eyes across the room I find a strong back clothed with a thin white t-shirt, grey scarf tied in rough curls and black skinny jeans sticking to long legs.

Harry Styles.

I know my mouth is open but I have no need to close it. His appearance is breathtaking. It’s like I’m seeing my entire life standing in front of me talking to a staff member five feet away. At that point I know I look like a fool, so I rip my eyes from Harry to see four other smiling boys gigging about around the tent. Niall and Louis are tossing a water bottle like a football and Liam is sitting beside Zayn on a couch, laughing with eachother.

"Well well well." I keep myself from crying as Harry’s voice rings in my ears. My head drops, my scuffed converse becoming much more entertaining all of a sudden.

"I swear to you every time we come to America you girls get prettier." I know he’s walking towards us, I can see his boots closing in on me. I can’t bring myself to look up at the perfection that is him. I feel so disgusting compared the other girls I’ve seen leave the tunnels.

"Cassandra, look." My mother says patting my back. I refuse, like a stubborn child who’s refusing to do something out of complete embarrassment. I feel a tear trickle down my cheek, concentrating on how close it is to falling to the floor. Just before it drops a course thumb rubs over my jawline, collecting the tear with his skin.

"Don’t cry now." I hear Harry’s voice slip into my senses like poison, deluding me from my surroundings. I feel Kenz has left me, my hand now not having anything to grasp onto and I know she’s chatting with Niall or Zayn. My mother without a doubt has gone on to tell my life story to Louis, or asking Liam to teach her how to dance. And I know there’s so many more things going on right now but I feel like it’s just us, me and Harry alone on this earth as he collects my tears.

"I’m sorry." I squeak. Our voices are quiet but not drowned out, the proximity to each other making everything audible.

"Why are you sorry?" He asks. I still stare down at our feet, only an inch or two apart. His tan boots are scuffed and look so much more expensive put beside my converse.

"For crying." I say shakily, my voice not totally working for me right now.

"Can I give you a hug?" He asks quietly. I feel his curls tickle my cheek, making happiness erupt inside of me like a volcano. The intimacy between us right now is something I don’t ever want to let go. I offer him a tiny nod and lean into his arms, strong and willing. I wrap my arms around the back of his neck and he squeezes my waist with his long arms, lifting my toes off the ground with the force of his embrace. I burry my wet cheeks into the gap between his shoulder and his neck. His warmth fills me, makes me feel loved and needed. He smells like cologne and sweat, something I could have expected and a scent I can only cherish for the few seconds I have it.

"I love you so much." I whisper into his shoulder. I don’t know if he heard it or not but I meant it with everything I have, my entire heart was poured into those five words I spoke while being held be the one I love most in this world.

"Picture time everyone." A voice breaks my focus and soon it’s over, the intensity is lost. Harry releases his hold on me and I do as so on him, standing at my normal height again. I’m embarrassed to see the black gashes on the shoulder of his white t-shirt, my makeup ruining his attire.

"Oh god I’m so sorry." I say as he inspects the stain. He just shrugs, pulling the shirt over his head in one quick move and leaving me in awe of being a few inches away from the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. His torso.

"Abigail! I need another shirt please!" He calls. I feel like I might be drooling and I have to look away from him so I can collect myself. Kenz and my mother are both gawking at me and what’s behind me.

"Stop it guys." I whisper, waving them away. I hear Harry chuckle behind me and then I feel a clothe being pulled to cover my eyes. It’s smells like Harry, intoxicated by the sweat smell I know exactly what the fabric is.

"Hold this for me." Harry speaks into my ear before letting the shirt drop into my hands. I stare down at the perfectly fine shirt, just a stain on the shoulder that was just given to me by the man I love.

"Pictures in two minutes, I need to change." I turn to watch Harry prance off and around the corner. I stare down at the shirt like its gold. Everything else is going like usual, everyone else is working or chatting or flirting like before. Yet somehow my situation has completely been flip flopped and turned inside out in about five minutes.

"Cass! Come over here and meet your boys." Kenz’s mention of my name snaps me from my trance as I pivot on my heel to face the band. They all wave and smile as I walk towards them. I’m greeted with hugs and thank you’s and compliments and in return I tell each of then just quite how much they mean to me, which is the most cliché thing I could do but it needed to be said.

"Ok everyone, start lining up please and we can have Harry pop in when he gets back." Whom I assume, the photographer, orders us to get into picture taking positions. Liam, my mom, Louis, Niall, Kenz, me, and Zayn all stand in front of the back drop in that exact order. We all practice facial expressions for about another minute before we hear hollering from in the tent.

"I’m here I’m here!" Harry yells as he runs into the room. I see him wearing another white shirt, this one a tiny bit more transparent so we can see the faint lines of his tattoos. His eyes catch mine and he flashes me a smile, pointing to his shoulder where there is no mascara stain. I giggle, nodding at his point.

"Styles, get in the photo." The photographer’s patience is obviously running thin with the curly haired one. He nods before coming over to where Zayn and I are.

"Excuse me mate." Harry says as he squeezes in between Zayn and I. Zayn gives Harry an eye roll but throws his arm around the boy anyways. I feel a strong arm tighten around my waist as the photographer tells us all to smile.

"Alright, one more, how would you like it." He says says after the flash fades.

"I need to be out of this one." My mother says as she skips away from the back drop.

"That’s looks good. Ok everyone on three." The photographer holds up three fingers and I grab Kenz’s hand, applying the same force as before as we lock in a hand hold. I hold the shirt in my hand that’s wrapped around Harry’s waist as he leans into me for the picture. The flash goes off and then I drop Kenz’s hand, turning my head to peer up at Harry. He laughs at something a crew member says to him while he’s holding my waist. His smile is beautiful and his laughter erupts through his chest and causes me to let out a small giggle.

"So where are you guys sitting?" Harry asks suddenly turning to stare down at me. I look away quickly, glancing at my mom for answers. I make no move to be let out of Harry’s grasp and he doesn’t try to let go of me.

"Umm we are sitting up like very top row on the right side if your facing out like towards the catwalk." My mom explains as she walks over to us.

"Do you like have your exact seats?" Harry asks. My mom nods and grabs the tickets from her bag.

"Seats 20,21,22 row 76 section 4." She says smiling up at him. I watch him nod his head, staring down at his boots.

"Well I just have to get this picture. You two look like such a couple!" My mother gushes. I feel my cheeks heat and I know they’re a deep shade of red. I hear Harry laugh as my mom steps back to take the photo with her phone.

"Ok smile!" My mom is so fucking enthusiastic. My shaking hands haven’t stopped since we got here but I’ve got good reason to be insane. I smile at the camera as she counts from three.

Just as she says one Harry wiggles his face into my neck, making me break out in ticklish laughter. I hear my mother screech in excitement and I can’t stop laughing as Harry continues to nip and my neck.

"Hello. We’ve got a show to start here." Liam calls out humorously. Harry sighs and I feel a peck of the lips on my cheek before his touch is gone from me, just like that. I turn quickly to see harry putting in his ear-ins while chatting with Louis. His eyes find mine a few times before he smiles. He checks around as if to see no ones looking before jogging over to where I stand.

"I never got your name my love." He says grinning down at me.

"Cassandra." I say quietly. "And that’s Mackenzie." I point a finger towards my best friend who is waving goodbye to Niall. Harry smiles at Kenz before turning back to face me.

"Seat 20,21,22. Row 76. Section 4. Cassandra, Mackenzie, and mom." He says as if to clarify. I nod slowly in confusion, gripping onto his t-shirt tightly.

"Paul, I trust you’ll take good care of these girls." Harry calls to Paul, the infamous Paul Higgins who’s standing right behind me. Paul gives Harry a nod, leaving me in a whirl of what the heck is going on. Before I’m able to ask anymore questions he turns on his toes and runs off after his band mates.

"Oh my God. Did that literally just happen!? You got his shirt?" Kenz squeals into your ear as security escorts you out of the tent and around the back.

"I have no idea." I say completely in shock. The crowd is deafening as we are lead up the steps to our seats, having push past people in order to find our correct seating places. I hide the t-shirt in my merch bag in fear that someone might recognize the material and kill me for my possessions. We take our seats just as the intro video begins to play. Everyone is on their feet around me, screaming. I find myself doing the same as the cords for midnight memories begin to play. Now I allow to cheeks to be soaked by my tears as I see Harry waltz out on stage with the four others following him.


One and a half very sweaty and very loud hours later, the best night of my life is over. The stadium is being lit by the giant lights as we all are filtered through our row. We’ve waited for about ten minutes so we weren’t caught up in the crowd craze as everyone makes their way down the stairs. I look over the stadium, not being able to believe its real. I can’t even believe that just happened. I look down to my merch bag, grabbing the white shirt from the plastic and holding it over my lap. It’s so beautiful, even with the stains it’s a beautiful piece of fabric.

"Excuse me? Excuse me are these your seats." I look up to see a yellow shirted security guard staring at us.

"Yes." My mother speaks, standing to address the authority. He looks down at his radio before mumbling something into the speaker.

"Yes! Cassandra is her name and she’s with two other girls." The voice coming from the radio is loud and panic like. I don’t recognize the voice at first, only a faint British accent.

"Come with me please." The security guard orders before grabbing my forearm. I grab Kenz’s hand and my mother follows closely as I’m tugged through the isle and past the security tape from restricted seating. A group of girls notice our travels and begin yelling things at us as we’re taken down to the floor on the tent side of the stadium.

"What are you doing?" I ask as the man releases my arm finally.

"You’re Cassandra right?" He says staring down at me. His face is red and gleaming with sweat. I take a small step back from him as he stares at me hardly.

"Yes she is." Kenz says grabbing my hand. The man rolls his eyes and sighs, grabbing my arm again and pulling us like a train past the curtains of the tent. Everyone is frantic, running around and collecting stuff. I see Gemma laughing with a water bottle in her hand. When she sees me staring she smiles and waves, jogging over to us in our flustered state.

"Cassandra, right?" She asks kindly. I’m unable to find words, just nodding slowly. She giggles before waving off the security guard.

"Harry wanted to give you guys something." She says grabbing my hand. Her hair flips around as she twists and turn her head to find her brother.

"Harry!" She calls finally, giving up on trying to find him. Her voice is lost in the clutter of the room, everyone is moving around us. I look around to find the head of curly hair but I also am lost.

"Do you know what’s going on?" Kenz whispers to me ear as we stand in the midst of after concert chaos.

"Nope." I say shaking my head. Just as I’m about to lose hope of anything good I see a tanned torso with familiar tattoos break from the crowd that’s gathered father into the tent. He smiles when he sees Gemma and I in hand as he makes his way over to us.

"Hello there again." He says addressing us. My mother says hi and Kenz squeezes my hand as the sweaty man stand before me, chest glistening.

"These are for you." He says handing my and envelope. I look at him oddly before dropping Gemma’s hand and grasping the paper fold.

"What is it?" I ask. He smiles and nods at the gift to get me to open the envelope. A smile pulled on the corner of my lips as he let go of Kenz’s hand and peel the paper apart. I peek inside the envelope and see.. Tickets?

"Harry.." I say as I pull the three tickets from the envelope. Kenz squeals and my mother gasps, grabbing the things from me.

"Now unfortunately, the floor is full so I couldn’t get you floor tickets." He sighs, tugging his hair with his scarf.

"Well I’ll take what I can get." I say in disbelief. Harry laughs, his chest rocking only a few inches away from me.

"So I hope you are alright with VIP." He says shrugging. My eyes open with his words and I stare up in awe at him.

"You guys are sitting with me and Lou." Gemma says patting my shoulder. I stare at both of them in shock, my mouth agape with out words to flow through.

"Why… Why did you um give these to us?" I ask. I feel stupid asking the question but it’s odd, crazy.

"Because I wanted to see you guys again." He smiles down at me.

"But I’m not supposed to do this, like I could get in trouble so please don’t say anything." He says. I giggle and nod, looking back to Kenz who zips her lips with her fingers. Harry smiles in relief and looks behind his shoulder when his name is called.

"Ok see you girls tomorrow." Harry says giving me and Kenz a quick hug before jogging off to the crowded area again.

"Bye ladies. Drive safe." Gemma says before waltzing back over to Lou who stares at us oddly.

"Well this is insane." My mother says as a security guard leads us from the tent. We’re guided through the parking lot to our shuffle bus line, all holding hands like a chain. Everyone is tired and voiceless, sore feet shuffling in line.



Favorite Quote: "I’m just reserved. I’m not mysterious."



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{ more amazing posts over here }

> dash is dead, checking out new followers, following back similar xx

Love me pls

September 16th, 2013 - Harry Styles attends the Burberry Prorsum Show at London Fashion Week

September 16th, 2013 - Harry Styles attends the Burberry Prorsum Show at London Fashion Week